2 Helicopter Mi 4

Helicopter Mi 4

Posted on November 4, 2013 by team

Mi-4 (“Hound” according to the NATO classification) is a Soviet multi-purpose helicopter designed by the experimental design bureau named after M. L. Mil’ in the early 1950s. Mi-4 was the first combat-transport helicopter of the Soviet armed forces. It has the same components as those of an American Sikorsky S-55, but its carrying capacity is twice heavier.


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2 Responses to “Helicopter Mi 4”

  1. Lars says:

    This stupid fisheye ruins all shots about the interesting aircraft.

  2. Mizz... says:

    It´s interesting to see all those parts that normaly are hidden. Actually i found some very old aricraft parts i ny area some years ago on an old fire exercise place belonging to a former military airbase here, the condition was far worse than in the pictures but supriusingly most of it still works! Only thing I did was taking it apart and clean it up a bit and adding some oxide remover/anti rust oil. Some small iron parts had to be replaced (but even most of those was recuable after claening) and some cables was froozen due to fire and oxid but othetwise there was no major problems while testrunning som electromecanical parts.

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