3 How to Force a Bandit Out of the Basement

How to Force a Bandit Out of the Basement

When a bandit's house is blocked he clearly understands that he has no ways to escape. Breakthrough actions are done often but in 99,9% of cases they are ineffective. So a bandit is thrashing about the house and tries to hide in a basement. There is no other way to retreat. Once he finds himself in the basement he loses maneuver space but acquirs a tactical advantage. Those who
follow and search for him do not know the territory he hides on. He does not wish to come out from the basement while his enemies cannot siege for days. In such a situation his enemies have to assault. Usually a training task is ultimate - police does not allegedly know how many bandits are in the house, how they are armed and if they have IED...

3 Siberian Hermit

Siberian Hermit

Sometimes it seems that time of hermits is long gone, that civilization has fully swallowed modern people. Victor used to work in the river port of Krasnoyarsk, but at the age of 47 he decided that the busy and vicious modern world was not for him. So he left everything and went to remote Siberian forests searching
for solitude and harmony. He settled in a little hut on the bank of the Yenisei river and he's already been living there for ten years. Every day he enjoys nature and reads the Bible. His food is fish from the Yenisei, mushrooms and berries. Victor says he doesn't plan to come back...
5 Brave Russian Girl

Brave Russian Girl

There is a proverb here, in Russia: "A Russian woman will stop a running horse and will come into a burning house". Yes,
some women of this country are really that strong. The pretty girl whose name is Katya proves this fact again.

3 Kazan Helicopter Factory

Kazan Helicopter Factory

The Kazan helicopter factory has a nice history. It's the place where biplans Po-2 were built, where every tenth combat plane was manufactured in the
war time. The first Mi-1 helicopter was made in the shops of the factory in 1961 - the first one that was followed by twelve thousand more.
0 New Pictures of Subway Construction In Moscow

New Pictures of Subway Construction In Moscow

Some more beautiful pictures of
the Moscow subway construction.
1 Nuclear Bomb On the Moscow Streets!

Nuclear Bomb On the Moscow Streets!

Just yesterday the first Soviet nuclear bomb could be seen right in the Moscow streets. It was
being carried away from the Polytechnic Museum that is about to close for reconstruction.

7 Monument to Peter the Great

Monument to Peter the Great

300 years ago this man made many great deals for Russia, founded a cultural capital of the country and imported many useful stuff there. This monument is devoted to him, Peter the Great and it occupies
the tenth position in the list of the world ugliest monuments. Some people believe it spoils the historic image of the city, others urge to let it be. What do you think about it?
0 Black Iron Birds In the Sky

Black Iron Birds In the Sky

Aerobatic team "Rus" was formed in 1987. It still consists of highly professional pilots, each of them has flight experience of
about 2500 hours on various planes. Inside this post you may see some photos of the team's display at MAKS 2013 air show.

1 Tough Playground Made From Metal Scrap

Tough Playground Made From Metal Scrap

Yuri Chistyakov from Sloboda village, Tver region, is one of those people who knows how to make use of old unneeded stuff: discarded agricultural machines, technical trash and
metal scrap. Such a playground he managed to make with his own hands. Yes, it looks pretty tough but we suppose it thrills local boys much more than ordinary swings...
2 Animals Of Pripyat

Animals Of Pripyat

Those who have lately been to Pripyat often say that the zone has less animals now than it used to. Yes, it's more difficult to meet an animal there today. But not because of decrease of animal population but due to our
disability to see them. The territory is getting more and more overgrown, the forests become higher, the roads look pretty much like tunnels. No wonder we don't notice animals in Pripyat as we used to.

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