7 High Speed Bomber Ant 40

High Speed Bomber Ant 40

We are back in the Monino museum, this time to observe all the beauty of the high speed bomber ANT-40. Like other high speed bombers it does not have
engines. Maximum bomb capacity - up to 1600 kg, combat radius - 600 km. Max. speed - 419 km/h. The plane had been produced since 1938.
0 Flashmob On the Day of Drivers

Flashmob On the Day of Drivers

Last weekend all Russia celebrated the Driver's day, Chelyabinsk drivers even arranged
a themed flashmob on such an occasion. Check out the video to see what they did.
10 Serene Images of the Russian Village

Serene Images of the Russian Village

Russian village Solovki in winter and summer on
the photographs of Sergey Veretennikov.
1 Russian Space Robot

Russian Space Robot

SAR-400 is a robot designed by Russian engineers for performing various kinds of tasks which may occur in space. The first model is undergoing tests now. Today it can do simple things which however can be dangerous for people. For example it can carry out an external
inspection of space vehicles for damages. It has two hands-manipulators with fingers and it can simulate all actions of an operator. The robot's manipulators have 21st degree of freedom, its arms - 28th degree. The mass of the robot is 144 kg.  

4 Russian Special Forces

Russian Special Forces

Some random photos of soldiers of
Russian Special Forces (squad "Vityaz").
4 Su 30SM Aircraft

Su 30SM Aircraft

Su-30SM is a serial modification of Su-30MKI intended for air forces of Russia. Its first flight
was performed in autumn 2012. Some pictures of this wonderful plane are inside the post.
4 Infiltration to the Huge Abandoned Factory

Infiltration to the Huge Abandoned Factory

Pictures of an abandoned factory that used to make
harvester-stackers: its pump station, cooling tower and much
4 Family of a Cotton Picker

Family of a Cotton Picker

Life of a Kazakh family who used to be living at the parking for three years
and moved to the native aul to develop local agriculture by picking cotton.

9 The Biggest Nuclear Powered Icebreaker

The Biggest Nuclear Powered Icebreaker

Nuclear powered icebreaker is a ship built to be used in the waters frozen throughout the year. They are much more powerful than diesel ones and can conquer frozen waters easier. And they do not need refuelling. There were only ten nuclear powered icebreakers in the world, all of them were built and put afloat on the territory of the USSR and Russia. They proved to be irreplaceable in 1983 when 50 ships including some diesel ones were trapped in the ice in thу east Arctic. Only
with help of the nuclear powered icebreaker "Arctic" they managed to get out of the ice captivity and delivery the cargo to the nearest settlements. The world biggest icebreaker is "The 50th Victory Anniversary" that was made in 1989 in Leningrad. It was not finished then, its construction was postponed until 2003, only in 2007 it started to be tested in the Gulf of Finland. When the tests were over it was sent to the city of Murmansk.
2 On the Empty House of Abkhazian Ministers

On the Empty House of Abkhazian Ministers

Right now we are going to climb the building of the Council of Ministers in
Sukhum, Abkhazia, to observe some panoramas of the city fromits height.

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