9 The Biggest Nuclear Powered Icebreaker

The Biggest Nuclear Powered Icebreaker

Posted on October 28, 2013 by team

Nuclear powered icebreaker is a ship built to be used in the waters frozen throughout the year. They are much more powerful than diesel ones and can conquer frozen waters easier. And they do not need refuelling.

There were only ten nuclear powered icebreakers in the world, all of them were built and put afloat on the territory of the USSR and Russia. They proved to be irreplaceable in 1983 when 50 ships including some diesel ones were trapped in the ice in thу east Arctic. Only with help of the nuclear powered icebreaker “Arctic” they managed to get out of the ice captivity and delivery the cargo to the nearest settlements.

The world biggest icebreaker is “The 50th Victory Anniversary” that was made in 1989 in Leningrad. It was not finished then, its construction was postponed until 2003, only in 2007 it started to be tested in the Gulf of Finland. When the tests were over it was sent to the city of Murmansk.

In many aspects “the 50th Victory Anniversary” is an experimental project. Its nose has a spoon shape that was first applied in Canada in 1979. The icebreaker is equipped with the digital system of automatic control of the new generation. Besides it has an ecological compartment for utilization of all waste products of the ship.

The length of the ship is 159 meters, width – 30 meters, full dispacement – 25 thousand of tons, rate of sailing – 18 knots. Max. ice thickness the vessel can overcome is 2,8 m. The icebreaker is equipped with two nuclear power units. The crew consists of 138 members.

It was the sixth atomic icebreaker from the ten built in general.

“The 50th Victory Anniversary” was actually intended for Arctic cruises as well. You still can sail on it if you buy a ticket. The ship has a restaurant, a swimming pool, a sauna and a gym.

In the nearest future the importance of such vessels will only be growing. Many natural resources are planned to be developed under the bottom of the Arctic Ocean.

Icebreakers are painted bright red to be better visible in the open sea.

Such vessels are built in Russia only.


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  1. anyám says:

    It looks like the ship from Cryostasis.

  2. fin says:

    only built in russia. finland is not part of communist africa named russia.

  3. Jarppi says:

    Taymur and Vaygach were build in Finland.


  4. RB says:

    What a beauty she is, we need something like this in Canada to be proud of. You Russians who ever the hell you are, you scare the shit out of people with your intelligence and shear grit.I am not a engineer but the picture with the rams my guess is,rudder or prop pitch, or prop direction, or any or all three together. We have come a hell of a long way from a wooden wheel with two ropes with one man to steer. (just imagine the forces involved)The bow is very interesting to me because as a Canadian I did not know we built the first spoon shaped bow, but if you look close at the tip its quite ingenious. I am guessing again but if you imagine the ice wearing down the metal at the point because it has that small indent the two small tips will wear to a round edge. That would be the perfect wear indicator.

  5. Zoran says:

    Hey FIN, I understand your need to diss russians, but please don`t involve poor Africans, they didn`t do anything!

  6. bobs says:

    What an awesome machine.

  7. Sam Sham says:

    RUSSIA a builder and creator of many marvelous things, America a creator of skanks like ladyghag, ophrah winfrey enviro-freaks,bankster ju fraudsters dolts like letterman obama, men dat marry men etc.

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