1 One Day Of an Engineer In the Open Sea

One Day Of an Engineer In the Open Sea

Posted on October 25, 2013 by team

One ordinary day of an engineer on the fishing trawler in the Barents Sea.

Alarm clock rings at 7:10.

Most members of the crew work on a rotating schedule. (Eight hours of work, 8 hours of rest). No days off, no holidays.

08.00 Breakfast in the chief cabin.

Workplace of the engineer – radio cabin.

09.00 Visiting the navigation bridge. From here the ship is controlled. This place has various fish-finding and navigation equipment, mostly digital one.

The main task of the engineer is to repair and adjust computers and other equipment (even DVD players, telephones, laptops). Radio connection is actually performed without him.

10.00 Faultless operation of electronics is a guarantee of a specialist’s deep sleep. And faultless operation of electronics is provided by regular inspections.

Meanwhile the crew is working on the deck.

10.10 Going back through the fish processing shop. It works nonstop 24/7. The full cycle includes fish sorting, cutting (for some species), freezing and packing.

Sometimes they get rare delicacy fish which is prohibited for sale, but not prohibited to be eaten on the ship.. And they eat it, of course. As much as they want.


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  1. komar says:

    in the shack (one befor the last photo) of the radio-officer you can see an rft-ekd300 radio station – working – 14Mhz, 30 years old and good working. the another is from siemens

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