5 Contract Soldiers In Grozny

Contract Soldiers In Grozny

Posted on October 24, 2013 by team

Grozny city, Chechnya. 2000. Checkpoint. Twelve contract soldiers and only six pictures.

via ivaganov

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5 Responses to “Contract Soldiers In Grozny”

  1. zx10R says:

    wtf this post is about? they look like russians

  2. Marco says:

    Looks like 19th century army … And still hiding faces … afraid of something or just being ashamed for the things they are doing … (theese are not Special units forces (looks like standart alcoholics from russian army) and they should not hide their faces)

    • hugostv says:

      The reason they mask faces is because all contractors who went to Chechnya would be shot if captured while regular conscript could at least be spared/traded. And of course most of them were inmates. Dont forget that a lot of those who served in chechnya would later serve in organized crime cartels. Of course they’re not elite because they dont have any gizmos and iphones with navigation and itunes installed like elites do, but at least they had no fear or were afraid to lose their lives. They’re just brave men with with no plan.

  3. arazahra says:

    so, did they get out of the city in one piece?

  4. Alper says:

    If they paid me well, i’d go there myself too!

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