0 At the Factory Making Tractors

At the Factory Making Tractors

Posted on October 24, 2013 by team

Today we are going to visit one industrial company of Chuvashia and the largest factory in Cheboksary, Russia, that makes bulldozers, loaders, excavators and other special vehicles.

The territory of the factory seen from space: some buildings and an open testing area.

Close cabins for details in the shop.

Details are hung on a cathead, the worker is pushing them into the first cabin.

They are thoroughly washed.

Then they leave the first cabin and move between the lamps which are used for drying.

The next cabin is fully closed, it’s purpose is mechanical treatment of details.

Now the details come to the cabin of powder painting.

The final stage is drying.

Wire bundle assembly.

The machine cuts wires into pieces of necessary length and automatically performs stripping and marking of cables.

Such printer with ordinary ink is used for marking.

Applying labels.

After being cut the cables are grouped and twisted.

Special stand for long wiring.

Packaging of the wires.

Cabin assembly shop.

Cabins are moved on trolleys. Every manipulation is carried out at a particular stage: cabling, chairs mounting etc.

Here they assemble cabins both for bulldozers and agricultural vehicles.

Optional air conditioner.

Tightness control.

Testing in precipitation conditions.

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