5 The Plane Created For Challenging Tasks

The Plane Created For Challenging Tasks

Posted on October 22, 2013 by team

It is the cabin of VM-T “Atlant” (RF-01502), plane №1502 made in 1982. It was intended for 500 landings, but had only 150. The plane was last repaired in 1992 but it has not been used since then. “Atlant” participated in the space-rocket program “Energia-Buran” – it transported fuel tanks of the second stage launcher “Energia” and an airframe of “Buran”.

The hatch in the upper part of the cabin.

Control wheel of co-pilot.

This plane was intended to carry four types of cargo: spaceplanes, (with weight over 50 t), hydrogen tank of a launch vehicle with fairings (with length of approximately 40 m, diameter – 7,78 m), nose fairing, oxygen tank and two unpressurized missile compartments, cone and nose fairings of the cargo we mentioned first.

This plane is still in a satisfactory condition and can probably fly.

The red switch above is an emergency landing gear, next to it is a red handle of the hatch.

Place for pilots.


Looking at the workplace of a navigator from above.

This board is used for the engine control.

Control panel.

Co-pilot’s power lever.

General view of the cabin.

Workplace of a radio-operator.


Workplace of the second navigator.

Equipment of a flight engineer.



Navigator’s workplace.


In the cabin.








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5 responses to “The Plane Created For Challenging Tasks”

  1. Max says:

    This is the famous Myasishchev VM-T Atlant. Very nice to have a view from inside. Thxs!

  2. Mitro says:

    This is a hell plane. it has no AC that can cool down its crews. The crews of this plane should be appreciated and granted with a lot of awards and high salary.

  3. Bill says:

    Complicated looking beast that probably was a nightmare to maintain.

  4. Brano says:

    ooh come on…6 fotos per page?? are you serious ? an still not working “Click here for all pictures on one page” ?

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