4 Soviet YAK 32 Created For Inverted Flights

Soviet YAK 32 Created For Inverted Flights

Posted on October 22, 2013 by team

Yak-32 (“Mantis” according to the NATO classification) is a Soviet jet-propelled trainer aircraft, one-seat version of Yak-30. Intended for inverted flights Yak-32 can stunt with prolonged negative overload. It is only 300 kg lighter than Yak-30, but its flying abilities are better. Yak-32 became the world first training and sports aircraft equipped with an ejection seat. The aircraft has never been serially produced.


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4 Responses to “Soviet YAK 32 Created For Inverted Flights”

  1. Francesco says:

    Tres bel avion des annees 50.

  2. ZeroDrop says:

    “Click here for all pictures on one page” definitely not working… :(

  3. belzebub says:

    Cute airplane. Only I would expect some images of it actually flying inverted..
    By the way, could you PLEASE, PLEASE do something with this ridiculous paging? 6 images per page? And what is with this “Click here for all pictures on one page”, which does absolutely nothing?

  4. Rascally Raven says:

    Definitely looks like a plane from a bygone era (1950’s) … but oh so beautiful in line and form …

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