2 DIY Mini Shooting Range

DIY Mini Shooting Range

Posted on October 22, 2013 by team

One guy bought a rifle and started to enjoy shooting at targets. But soon he realized that changing targets took more time than shooting itself. So he decided to make his own shooting range with a remote renewal of targets.

He took such a board.

And he made such windows for targets.

Making the frame.

The targets were made from ordinary door hinges.

The process is partially automated.

The spokes are inserted into the frame.

Making the mechanism that will catch hit tragets and return them to the initial position.


We have such “lever” now.

Now it has to be inserted into the frame.

It’s the position of the targets that were hit.

When we activate the lever they fall down.

But hinges are very light and require steel loads.

One load is still not enough so we have to use two.

Two 4 mm plates and one 2 mm hinge. So we have 1 cm of steel.

Now we need to attach such an angle bar, when it is hit from a rifle the targets go back to their initial positions.

Yes, the board needs to be coated.


LED strips are planned to be used for night shooting.

Some soldering.

Wires are accumulated in the terminal.

Illumination will be fed from the deep cycle battery of a boat motor.

Some screenshots from Youtube were printed.

Pictures for the targets.

The shooting range is ready now.

Images of the hit targets were glued to the backside, they look like this.


Night view.



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2 responses to “DIY Mini Shooting Range”

  1. Louis Fir says:

    Fancy bb gun

  2. Stephen Harper says:

    Awesome project! Keep up the good work!

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