3 How to Force a Bandit Out of the Basement

How to Force a Bandit Out of the Basement

Posted on October 20, 2013 by team

When a bandit’s house is blocked he clearly understands that he has no ways to escape. Breakthrough actions are done often but in 99,9% of cases they are ineffective. So a bandit is thrashing about the house and tries to hide in a basement. There is no other way to retreat. Once he finds himself in the basement he loses maneuver space but acquirs a tactical advantage. Those who follow and search for him do not know the territory he hides on. He does not wish to come out from the basement while his enemies cannot siege for days. In such a situation his enemies have to assault.

Usually a training task is ultimate – police does not allegedly know how many bandits are in the house, how they are armed and if they have IED…

Bandit’ fire sector is limited by the size of the entrance to the basement. His bullets will fire at a certain angle and in a certain direction. Tactically it’s better for him to be as further from the entrance as possible. He won’t hit anyone this way, but won’t be killed at once himself.

And nobody takes a vain risk.

As a rule a bandit starts shooting as soon as he hears the basement to be opened. That’s why it is opened by a grappling iron.

The main shooting direction is closed with a shield.

And the initial inspection is done with a shield too.

A bandit can be a professional too.

In a real situation it’s a small police group that operates. Those who stand behind here – are simply learning.

Seeing, listening and even smelling are important.

Meanwhile in the basement…


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3 Responses to “How to Force a Bandit Out of the Basement”

  1. irongrampa says:

    Of course, in the real world, the bandit can cause havoc by simply shooting up through the floor. Guaranteed to back the police off quickly.

    Then up into the main floor and escape becomes much more attainable.

  2. Johnny says:

    Couple tear gas cannisters and a flash bang hes incapacitated

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