3 Construction of the Modern Shipyard

Construction of the Modern Shipyard

Posted on October 20, 2013 by team

A new shipyard has been built in Bolshoi Kamen, Russia since 2011. It will be used for making tankers, gas carriers, ice class ships, offshore platform elements and much more. The project is evaluated at 111, 7 billion rubles (3,72 billion dollars). Some pictures of the site are inside the post.


Shipbuilding complex “Star”.


Far Eastern shipbuilding college.

Location: Bolshoi Kamen
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3 responses to “Construction of the Modern Shipyard”

  1. tea cup says:

    well at least if you do an apprenticeship in Russia you will actually have something to build instead of subcontracting everything abroad like they do in the UK

  2. mooo says:

    Is it the because of the price that they are using a Maker Bot instead of a more commercial 3D printer?

  3. aaa says:

    It is because it is used to build miniature mock up models of huge constructions for display purposes, not for prototyping as the commercial 3d printers.

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