3 Kazan Helicopter Factory

Kazan Helicopter Factory

Posted on October 19, 2013 by team

The Kazan helicopter factory has a nice history. It’s the place where biplans Po-2 were built, where every tenth combat plane was manufactured in the war time. The first Mi-1 helicopter was made in the shops of the factory in 1961 – the first one that was followed by twelve thousand more.

7000 people are emplyed at the factory today. Annually they make approximately 110 helicopters, but we have to say that in 1987 they made twice more.

They use various Japanese high quality machines “Mazak”.

In the milling shop. Production performance of the factory has become four times higher.

They do not use stamping anymore. Details are made from light-alloy blanks now.


From a 4 kg workpiece they get a 200 grams detail. All metal shavings are recycled.

In the milling shop.

Hub of the vibration damper.

Load bearing element of Mi-38 helicopter which is being tested now. They used to make a 100 kg detail from a workpiece with weight of two tons. Can you imagine how many metal chips they got?

Every machine MAZAK is equipped with 120 instruments.

Quality control.

This centre provides 240 instruments more.

All instruments have built-in chips so the manufacturer can get any necessary production information immediately if they need.

The night guard.


Such flat parts are made by the machine which is normally used for wood processing.

Shavings! It is going to be recycled.

Hub of the vibration damper – already assembled.

Ready frames.

The shop of final assembly. The factory makes both combat and civil helicopters. Moreover, a client may order a special model, choose options and components he needs.

Helicopter cabin.

Light multi-purpose helicopter “Ansat”.

Helicopter blades can be both from metal and composite materials. These ones are mounted on Mi-17 (5 pcs) and Mi-38 (6 pcs).

Modern helicopter is not a product fully made in one country. Clients often choose chairs from Germany, escape system from France, airborne radar from the USA…


Every vehicle is assembled for a particular customer and made within the period from nine to twelve months.

Helicopter production fascinates and hypnotizes. It seems you can spend here long days. The Kazan helicopter factory is the place where the present connects with the past and slowly flows into the future. It’s the place where aviation aesthetics is created.

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  1. Ivan says:

    The amount of work put in every aircraft it’s astonishing.

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    “The night guard” – bad to the bone 🙂

  3. tea cup says:

    the metal shavings are fed to Optimus Prime.

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