7 Monument to Peter the Great

Monument to Peter the Great

Posted on October 17, 2013 by team

300 years ago this man made many great deals for Russia, founded a cultural capital of the country and imported many useful stuff there. This monument is devoted to him, Peter the Great and it occupies the tenth position in the list of the world ugliest monuments. Some people believe it spoils the historic image of the city, others urge to let it be.

What do you think about it?


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7 Responses to “Monument to Peter the Great”

  1. dolores says:

    Well, it’s not something I’d choose for my yard, but it may suit other people’s taste ;)

  2. DJ says:

    Justin Bieber should know better than to climb statues. Incorrigible.

  3. zipp says:

    They did well to get up there, it’s guarded 24 hrs a day. Shame that ex-mayor put that abomination up in Moscow.

  4. Tampa Pirate says:

    Should be in St Petersburg. The same artist did a statue in USA for Columbus and even uglier.

  5. azov says:

    peter is great king !

  6. al says:

    Nice pics of Moscow but did not see much of this “awful” statue

  7. Ivanoff says:

    There isn’t really much else left to spoil in Moscow. The city is a patchwork of different, often incongruous and inconsistent architectural styles, so doesn’t really make any difference.

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