2 Animals Of Pripyat

Animals Of Pripyat

Posted on October 17, 2013 by team

Those who have lately been to Pripyat often say that the zone has less animals now than it used to. Yes, it’s more difficult to meet an animal there today. But not because of decrease of animal population but due to our disability to see them. The territory is getting more and more overgrown, the forests become higher, the roads look pretty much like tunnels. No wonder we don’t notice animals in Pripyat as we used to.

Quite on the contrary some species in the zone are even growing in population. This fact is confirmed by an automated photo survey – there are many hidden palm-sized cameras in the bushes of Pripyat.

Lynx with its cub came to drink some water.

Male lynx.

Dancing cranes.


Black stork.


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2 Responses to “Animals Of Pripyat”

  1. Dorkge says:

    It is kind of stupid to show healthy looking and beautiful animals from there, because that can bring thoughts in the heads of russians, and they may believe that it will be possible live there. No, it is not, and these animals are full of radiation, which will evidently shorten their life. Try to explane that to the russian hunter, who see that great big moose? That head would look good in the wall of my house, no matter if it glows in the dark :)

  2. ps says:

    Is it just me or some of these pictures looks really photoshopped?

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