3 Right Place To Think At

Right Place To Think At

Posted on October 15, 2013 by team

Some places in various corners of the Russian territory where one can be alone with his thoughts for awhile.

Loo of Shelter 11 (Elbrus) says “hello” from the height of 4200 m.

View from the loo of Elbrus.


Toilet at Ratseka hut, Kyrgyzstan, 3000 meters.

Transfegerashskoye highway, the Carpathians (height of around 1800 meters).

Naryn, Kyrghystan, 3800 meters.

The loo of the Russian weather station Kara-Tyurek (the Altai mountains) at the height of 2600 meters.

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3 Responses to “Right Place To Think At”

  1. Tutan Camon says:

    @Serban Constantin:Ce mi-e Romania,ce mi-e Rusia,pentru asti-ai tot un drac….Au facut geografie la fara frecventa,pe camp cu vaca.”Transfegerashskoye”!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mandea says:

    The fifth picture is taken in Romania.

  3. Kpt Kaint says:

    Well ,they are examples of very interesting engineering. I would not trust any of them.

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