6 The Pipes Which Do Not Smoke Anymore

The Pipes Which Do Not Smoke Anymore

Posted on October 11, 2013 by team

Tkuarchal power plant in Abkhazia used to provide energy not only for the city of Tkuarchal itself but also for the neighbouring districts. Its pipes were smoking so much that all around was getting black. The power plant consumed a great amount of coal. In the end of the 80s they started to replace coal with gas. In the wartime the object was fully damaged and those pipes do not smoke today at all.


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6 Responses to “The Pipes Which Do Not Smoke Anymore”

  1. halflife says:

    This would make great video game scenery.

  2. john says:

    interesting,good pic’s.

  3. tony says:

    Another Soviet chunk of steel and concrete doing nothing but corroding into the earth. How much of this stuff is there in the ex-CCCP?

  4. Slaven says:

    Pls, pls tell me, tell us, why there is only six (6!) pictures on each page..So nice pictures but they are totally ruined with this ‘next page’..19 next pages?? Why are you doing this? Bring back good old ‘fashion’ – all pictures on ONE page..thank you

  5. Rolls says:

    In my opinion it’s sad. Because over 70 000 plants and factories were closed after the collapse of the sovjet union. Hundred thousand of people lost their jobs and the plants and factories were stolen by olegarchs. Many jobless people saved their basic supplies by stealing and selling the iron from these. Fact is, today these factories and plants are demolished one by one. The people who builded these looks with tears in their eyes at all it. So much time, energy and resources are wasted.

  6. janus says:

    communism is bad for humanity in general

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