6 Russian Armoured Vehicles In Action

Russian Armoured Vehicles In Action

Posted on October 11, 2013 by team

Some images of Russian troop-carriers in action.


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6 Responses to “Russian Armoured Vehicles In Action”

  1. Jacek says:

    Jak zobaczylem ten sprzet to myslalem ze sa to zdjecia archiwalne z 1973 roku. Rosjanie pokazcie cos nowego co zadziwi swiat, a nie stare rupiecie.

  2. D. Bunker says:

    Isn’t that life ring a bit small for a vehicle that size?

  3. A.Oscar says:

    Interesting of such vehicles which will be good for fishing: and move into the water from anyplace,
    Buoyancy in red couldn’t be very dangers: because camouflage will disappear within carrier troops. During of any war to be safety everything must be camouflage for the enemy do not see, after all the red color always been the most visible color that why the vehicles having as much could be possible for the others seen.

  4. Nick says:

    BTR-70 & BTR-80

  5. Stefasaki says:


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