4 Flying Over the Siberian City

Flying Over the Siberian City

Posted on October 8, 2013 by team

Some pictures of a flight over Krasnoyarsk city, Siberia, on a light single-engined aircraft.


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4 Responses to “Flying Over the Siberian City”

  1. Faith Gorodki says:

    “Click here for all pictures on one page”
    Suggestion 1: make it work
    Suggestion 2: put the link on top of the page

  2. WirelessCable says:

    Why not make English Russia like it was before?

    Without 15,000 pages for a single story.

  3. Hugh Crawford says:

    1 Agree the “All pics” link should be got working ASAP, as it will stop the irritating whining noises coming from some people.

    2 Top of the page is a good idea, since the first page load will only have the usual few pics, and not have its loading time crippled by huge data volume of all the pics being pushed out at once.

    Surprised the link has not gone live, as the text appeared a while ago, suggesting it would not be far away.

    Fingers crossed :)

  4. al says:

    Too many pages to view, I give up easily.
    Please make the one page link work or more pics per page.

    What I saw was good..

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