1 What It Means To Be a Northerner

What It Means To Be a Northerner

Posted on October 7, 2013 by team

Lovozerye is a rich and beautiful region full of kind and hard-working people. It’s situated on the Kola peninsular of Russia. Once you begin to love Russian north you will hardly ever cease to love it. You are striving to open more and more of its places even if you had always considered yourself to be a southerner.

Northern nights are not black, they are grey, and twilight does not exist here at all.

The main animal here is deer.

Lovozero is a local village. Locals have boats, cars and snowmobiles to move along the peninsular.

The village Lovozero was first mentioned in manuscripts in 1516. But it’s hard to imagine how people used to live here 400 years ago – without all this modern stuff like thermal undewear, Gore-tex, etc. Children of the north are so different from children of the Black Sea! They have a special nature.

Those who have not ruined themselves by drink continue working though it has never been easy to earn a living there. It’s nature that feeds northerners. Fish, berries, mushrooms…

Fishing on the lake of Lovozero.

Lovozero only vaguely resembles Venice. On a polar day it’s hard to follow when night comes – it’s always strange for those who have always lived with normal days and nights.

Little whitefishes for dinner.

Some vodka will make the dinner only better.


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