7 Helicopters Assembly In Pictures

Helicopters Assembly In Pictures

Posted on October 7, 2013 by team

“Rosvertol” is a helicopter factory in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, manufacturer of Mi- helicopters. The company works on full power and has a good perspective.

You are invited inside the post to have a short excursion to the factory.

Inside “Crocodile” Mi-24.

Almost ready vehicles for Brazil.

And for Russia.

Giant Mi-26 under repair.

The shops are very clean.

Mounting the screw on Mi-26.

Assembly of Mi-28.

“Our goal is to execute the state defence order in due time and to the highest standard!”

New training modification – Mi28UB.

Signatures of the authors…

Some tenderness for the beast…

Mi-35 in the air.

Ready Mi-35 for Brazil.


Assembly of Mi-35, modernized version of “Crocodile” Mi-24.

“Lifting capacity – 400 kg”.

Galvanizing shop where helicopter components are treated to resist corrosion.

And this is the shop where blades are made.

New technologies – a blade is wound of thin ribbons. Such construction is lighter and more durable.

General Director of the company.

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7 Responses to “Helicopters Assembly In Pictures”

  1. Snark says:

    Is that blond chick stroking the tail boom sporting appropriate foorwear for a factory visit?

  2. bobs says:

    I love the blonde girl.

  3. Andy (Aust) says:

    Why can I not see all the pictures on one page, I try and do it by “Click here for all pictures on one page ” but it doesn’t work. I loose interest jumping through and then back again.

  4. Hugh Crawford says:

    Andy (Aust)…

    Yes, the site should be designed just to keep you happy, and forget the people in the real world whose browser and net connections fall over and die when a single page has too many images included.

    So sorry your attention span ranks with that of a goldfish – but it probably matches your level of consideration for others.

  5. Xeris says:

    When the site originally had all images on one page then changed to huge backlash it is right to complain. Cater for both and make the click here for all pics on one page link working.

    Multiple pages sucks balls!!

  6. Mitro says:

    I really want the blond girl with slim body to be my wife. I will be very-very happy. Her body is so slime and makes me wonder. The worker should be encouraged by the blond girl present.

  7. Mitro says:

    why my comment about the beautiful blond girl is not moderated ?

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