1 Favourite Toys of Russian Royal Kids

Favourite Toys of Russian Royal Kids

Posted on October 3, 2013 by team

Russian royal children as any ordinary ones liked to play and have merry-making activities. Inside this post we want to show you what toys they like to play with.

Guignol Theatre (from the puppet theater collection).

Railway. Germany, early XX century.

Toy soldiers, early XX century, Russia.

Toy “Sailor”, Russia, early XX century. Ship gun, Germany, early XX century.

Bear named Alfonso. It was presented to little Ksenia aged 4 (1903 —1965) for Christmas 1908 by her father prince George Mikhailovich Romanov. The bear was manufactured by “Steiff”. The girl liked it so much that never left it even for a minute.

Chess pieces.

Doll dressed in a uniform, Germany, 1910s.

Tsarevitch with his beloved donkey Vanya.

Great princesses with their dolls.

Children’s room.

via museum-cdm

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