1 Bathroom And Lavatory Equipment: How Are They Made?

Bathroom And Lavatory Equipment: How Are They Made?

Posted on October 2, 2013 by team

You are invited to a Russian city Syzran to see how bathroom and lavatory equipment is made. The production area of the factory “Syzran ceramics” is as big as fourteen football fields! (56 thousand square meters). In 2008 the factory started its cooperation with a Polish company “Cersanit” and since then they have been making lavatory pans and sinks of this Polish brand.

This is the shop where they prepare slip which is used for making the base of goods and glaze to cover them.

All these componenets are required for making the glaze.

Only these white balls are an exception. They are very solid and are used to crush the raw materials.

At the warehouse they normally have reserves for two months ahead. On the picture above is one component only.

Rejects amount to approximately 3% of the total number of products. They are crushed and further used for production.

The process of crushing is divided into several stages. The final result is such “flour”.


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