8 Forest Finding

Forest Finding

A short photo story about an
amazing forest finding.
0 Old Russian Perfumery

Old Russian Perfumery

A pretty interesting selection of old perfumery Russian ladies used to enjoy in the
end of XIX - early XX century. Many of these bottles look like real treasures.
2 Struggling With The Flood

Struggling With The Flood

The situation in the Amur region of Russia becomes more and more serious. The big water finally came to Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Unfortunately they cannot use heavy equipment to eliminate the flooding due to the weather
conditions so they have to go to extremes and work with their hands to stop the water. Look how federal rescue services struggle with the flood in the region on the picture inside the post.
0 Siberian Craftsman Makes Animal Figures From Cedar Chips

Siberian Craftsman Makes Animal Figures From Cedar Chips

Very talented craftsman Sergey Bobkov from the Krasnoyarsk region started to make animal figures from cedar chips five years ago. His first
bird was a success so he continued to work with this plastic, textured, durable material which can additinally have many tones.
1 Mutant Crucian With No Eyes

Mutant Crucian With No Eyes

One Russian pensioner dug a pond for breeding fish. Everything went fine and the man treated his fish with care as if they lived in an aquarium. But recently such a strange crucian has been
found there. It has no eye balls and it's hard to understand how it remains viable. The pensioner catches the mutant every day to look at it again and releases back to the pond.
0 Another Stalins House

Another Stalins House

This house is the place where Joseph Stalin rested in summer 1921, so this house is turning 100 years old soon. There, In Nalchik, he was deciding what pieces the Mountain Republic of the USSR
had to be cut into. As a result Kabardino-Balkaria was formed and Kabarda lost its Cherkessk lands and gained Balkar ones. That and other decisions bring many problems even today.
10 Do Not Marry Girls From Chelyabinsk!

Do Not Marry Girls From Chelyabinsk!

The couple were arguing right in the street and the man was rather rude, he didn't pay much attention
to the girls passing by. One of them turned out to be a world champion in Olympic taekwondo...
0 Russian Biathlets Training

Russian Biathlets Training

Olympic Games 2014 are coming soon and Russian sportsmen train daily to maintain their physical shape. We are
going to visit Russian biathlets who are training in the skiing and biathlon complex of Sochi now...
2 Funny Side of Russia, Part III

Funny Side of Russia, Part III

Russia is awesome, these
pictures prove this fact again.
5 Russians Secretely Climbed On Top of European Most Popular Landmarks

Russians Secretely Climbed On Top of European Most Popular Landmarks

A group of Russian bloggers traveled to Europe from Sweden to Portugal and visited many sights
starting from the Cologne Cathedral to the Sagrada Familia and the Notre Dame de Paris.

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