1 Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor

Who's there
driving this BMW?
6 Two Religions Meet On the Same Street

Two Religions Meet On the Same Street

This is how two different religions coexist
in a Russian city, on a Russian street...
1 Making Medals For the Upcoming Winter Olympics

Making Medals For the Upcoming Winter Olympics

The jewelry factory "Adamas" invited us to see how it makes medals for
Olympic Games "Sochi-2014". This must be interesting, let's check it out.
1 Deep In the Mine of the Nineteenth Century

Deep In the Mine of the Nineteenth Century

The history of this mine started back in the XIX century and it has been repeatedly widened and
deepened since then. Later it became the part of another, larger mine, that is having hard times now.
12 The Sinking City

The Sinking City

Some pictures from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the city suffering from heavy flooding. The
water level in the city and its suburbs is nine meters higher than normal now.
1 Russian Coal Terminals

Russian Coal Terminals

Russian coal is mainly exported through the two terminals located in two different parts of the country - in Nakhodka (Eastern
port) and Saint-Petersburg (port Ust-Luga). Inside the post are some interesting pictures of these two coal terminals.
1 The Precious Buried Treasure

The Precious Buried Treasure

Nobody can tell the real story of this finding. Nobody knows who buried it here, at the place where a Cossack village used be situated more than 200 years ago. But we can only imagine what euphoria is felt when you manage to find something so old and precious. It's like a time travel, like
touching the history of your ancestors. A couple of guys whose hobby is looking for old buried stuff were lucky enough to find 297 five-kopeck coins of czarinas Elizabeth and Catherine and 27 silver coins of different denominations. The "youngest" of them are dated 1802.
1 Strategic Bombers In the Ukrainian Museum

Strategic Bombers In the Ukrainian Museum

We are in the Poltava Museum of Aviation to see the strategic bombers exhibited there under the open sky. By the way, modern strategic bombers carry from six to
several dozens of missiles aboard, each of those missiles has a warhead with power approximately equal to the power of ten bombs dropped on Hiroshima.
1 The Land of Volcanoes

The Land of Volcanoes

Kamchatka has a lot of beautiful volcanoes and brings many breathtaking
views - so different in the constantly changing weather and seasons.
0 Inside the Underground Fortress City [23 photos]

Inside the Underground Fortress City [23 photos]

All Sebastopol, Crimea, can be called a huge fortress because the city consists of numerous fortifications - batteries, bunkers and underground shelters, tunnels, collectors etc. It would take long months to explore the city underground. Today we
gonna visit one mine and torpedo tunnel built in the end of the 20s - early 30s that was used for storage of ammunition for combat ships and an alternate command post that was built in the same period but was repeatedly modernized.

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