5 Harvesting In the USSR

Harvesting In the USSR

Those who are older than thirty still remember how they were sent to farms for harvesting when they were young. It was
absolutely normal for students, schoolchildren, workers of public institutions. Did you have such experience?
2 Houses Turn Into Bookshelves

Houses Turn Into Bookshelves

Walls of ordinary houses sometimes turn into bookshelves in Perm, Russia.
Maybe it won't make citizens read more, but will definitely make them smile.
4 One Tank, Three Guns

One Tank, Three Guns

KV-7 was a unique self-propelled artillery vehicle that was modified a large number of times. Its turret had three guns (!) so the tank had to become a serious threat for the enemy. But in spring 1942, when they discussed the perspectives and test results of so-called "Object 227" (KV-7) there was said a phrase that spelt the death for the vehicle - someone rulling the country
asked: "Why do we need two or three guns? One good gun is a better idea". A number of sources put these words into Stalin's mouth. It should be mentioned that many Soviet commanders shared that opinion. So the project was finally closed, the first vehicle KV-7 was disassembled to be subsequently used as a platform for testing some other equipment.

2 Unfinished Nuclear Power Plant In Ukraine

Unfinished Nuclear Power Plant In Ukraine

This unfinished NPP is situated in the Crimea, Ukraine, not far from the city called Kerch. It could play an important role in the life of all the region and become a cheap source of
energy for future productions which would appear on the peninsular. Unfortunately today it's not more than a poor source of metal and mainly for foreign manufacturers.
1 The Bird of Happiness And Reporter

The Bird of Happiness And Reporter

Blue bird is said to be a symbol of happiness but this reporter
who has met this bird does not seem to be happy at all...

6 Lesson of Promotion From the Russian Newspaper

Lesson of Promotion From the Russian Newspaper

No, these pictures are not photoshopped and sixteen Hollywood celebrities really agreed to be shot with a Russian paper "Kopeisk Worker"
by American reporters who have been penetrating to their dressing rooms for four years with a fresh paper from Chelyabinsk!
2 Soviet Antaeus

Soviet Antaeus

An-22 Antaeus is a heavy turboprop transport aircraft, an epic Soviet
vehicle, almost perfect, especially the sound of its engines. 
3 Village Sculptor

Village Sculptor

How much space does a village life leave for art? It does not seem to be the best place for making sculptures. Nevertheless living on a plain you often strive to climb a mountain. And
maybe every village has a big talent but talented people gasp for more air and normally go to big cities. That is why Andrey, a village sculptor, stands out from the rest.

11 Transformation of Peugeot 406

Transformation of Peugeot 406

Just see how an old Peugeot
406 can be transformed!

2 Summer Joy In the Jars

Summer Joy In the Jars

If you want your winter to be tasty, bright and
cheerful as summer, think about it in early autumn.

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