1 Russian Kingdom of Gas, Sulphur And Helium

Russian Kingdom of Gas, Sulphur And Helium

There is an oil, gas and condensate deposit in the south of Russia, close to the border with Kazakhstan. It was opened in 1966 and soon was called the largest in Europe. Gas and gas condensate from this deposit contain many
admixtures: water, carbon dioxide, sulphur compounds. Sulphur-containing components are further used for obtaining sulphur gas and odorant. So we are inviting you to visit one of the world largest gas and chemical complex.
2 Chruches That Hear No Prayers Anymore

Chruches That Hear No Prayers Anymore

We are going to show you now three villages of the Yaroslavl region, Russia
which have some very impressive abandoned objects. Enough talk, better see.

0 Rail Salon In Moscow: Special Trains And Pavilions

Rail Salon In Moscow: Special Trains And Pavilions

An interesting exhibition took place in Moscow this month - The Fourth International Rail Salon of Engineering and
Technologies EXPO 1520. We are going to show you special trains and some pavilions from the exhibition right now.

0 Soviet Socialist Realism On the Subway Murals

Soviet Socialist Realism On the Subway Murals

Many medallions and mosaics of the Moscow subway symbolize people's friendship where Russians stand next to Uzbeks, Armenians, Georgians. The Kiev station is different, it's rather
an exception where it's national color that prevails. We are coming down to the station to see how the painters depicted labor and rest of citizens of Soviet Ukraine.
3 MiG 21: Detailed Pictures

MiG 21: Detailed Pictures

We are at the flight-testing complex of the Nizhniy Novgorod aviation corporation "Sokol" ("Falcon") that
recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. Today you're going to see some MiG-21 planes standing there.

5 Golden Eagle Attacks Deer

Golden Eagle Attacks Deer

These unique shots were taken on the territory of the Lazo district, Primorye. Nothing similar has ever been caught with a camera before. A strong golden eagle was so hungry that attacked a
dappled deer that didn't expect any attack at all. The bird lifted its prey into the air and took it away in spite of the fact it was considerably heavier than the eagle itself.
2 Cave Cities of the Crimea

Cave Cities of the Crimea

Ukrainian Crimea is not only underground bunkers of the war time and wonderful landscapes but also amazing cave cities. In the south-west part of the peninsular mountains have steep slopes from the south and flat ones from the
north, they form an inaccessible plateau that was similar to those people used in old times for making fortresses. Today we want to show you those ancient places of the Crimea which are preserved best of all.
1 So Vindictive Driver

So Vindictive Driver

The driver was really aggrieved that another one didn't let him
pass on the road and didn't stop until he felt fully revenged.

0 Pictures From the 1880s

Pictures From the 1880s

These pictures have recently appeared on eBay and they definitely
deserve attention of those who like to plunge into the past.
1 Swan Vs Guard

Swan Vs Guard

The black swan considers itself to be the master of the park
and pursues the guard probably trying to kick him out...

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