5 One Russian City In Early XXth Century

One Russian City In Early XXth Century

Posted on September 30, 2013 by team

Today we are going to show you some more unique works of a great photographer Prokudin-Gorsky dated early twentieth century. The pictures you can see below depict the old Russian city of Zlatoust, its suburbs and people. There is a feeling we are losing so much through the years…


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5 Responses to “One Russian City In Early XXth Century”

  1. pupow says:

    so it was originally black and white and then they colored it. any way color pics are first. nice keep up the good work

  2. dolores says:

    Whoever did the colorization is a master. They look authentic, like today. Well done.

  3. adam says:

    Prokudin-Gorsky was a pioneer of color photography, these were not originally black and white.

  4. fin says:

    4 different photos in 1 photo. see his products in museum in finland.

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