1 Eggs For a Hiker

Eggs For a Hiker

Posted on September 29, 2013 by team

Yes, we are going to cook eggs. And we are going to do it on the fifth highest point of the Crimea, Ukraine, on the improvised stove.

What we need:
– mountains, beautiful sky and many clouds;
– backpack – 1 pc.
– burner with a gas cylinder – 1 pc.
– eggs – their amount depends on your appetite;
– tomatoes, greens, salt and pepper to your taste;
– smoked brisket, bread.

The place we are going to cook at is located 1527 meters above sea level. When you finally climb the height you definitely feel hungry. So it’s high time to prepare the burner and a fire.

Some butter.

Eggs, salt and pepper go next.

Want a view for the stove!

In process.


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  1. Hog says:

    This made me hungry, and happy!

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