3 Ghost Town That Still Has a Chance to Revive

Ghost Town That Still Has a Chance to Revive

Posted on September 28, 2013 by team

Tkuarchal was a developing industrial town in Soviet Abkhazia. It was the town of miners, workers, engineers. Pipes of its factories produced so much smoke that a man who came outside and walked through the town returned home being all dirty and dusty. But everything became suddenly over. In the best Soviet years the population of the city amounted to 40 thousand people, before the war – over 20 thousand. The war took many citizens of Tkuarchal away, many others simply abandoned the town. In 2008 only 5 thousand people remained there. They could not find jobs and earn a living.

Only few of the flats are still inhabited.


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3 Responses to “Ghost Town That Still Has a Chance to Revive”

  1. Mikko says:

    Is that city for sale? I’d have about thousand ideas to make it glorious again!

  2. George Johnson says:

    No way it could be a city again. They may be able to save bits and pieces of it, but most of it so deteriorated it’s not worth saving. It would cost too much, so, nothing will happen.

  3. A.Oscar says:

    Enigma Global by A.Oscar (Human life always change)
    Amazing ghost towns be abandoned in Russia: which still have a chance to revive and some of them look like in pictures been wonderful cities. Russia is the bigger country in the world: and the population not that bigger, could accommodate three times more and still be prosperous. I have mention before doing some kind of emigration from countries which now are in financial trouble. The last Second World War 17 millions dies: no other country suffers tremendous times, and the Jews claimed first five million and now six million killed by Nazis. Russia past could give such example into the future, special now with again humans want another war, USA governments born fighting towards the expansion, most of the wars without any winnings. Not the first time I seen fantastic pictures of Russia and abandoned. Just my dreams to help human society: Europe should be very friendly with Russia: or vise-verse, for Russia let emigration enter into Russia to enjoining such marvelous country, and give some progress in agriculture of many kinds. Russia technology is not behind: need more hands to make the country more versatile. That’s why Russia are part of Europe and not America: could be something to think about it to make human life more prosperous and happy. I hate so many wars and now the world never been like his now: which USA government with Israel together for another bigger war, and Russians should be prepare to defend itself once more, and not show any fear, must be ready at any time. I’m a person with big visions like always have had: and now could be worse than before because the Weapons of Mass Destruction. My father used to saying: the more I know humans beings: the more love animals, because some humans just living with cynical attitudes to get what wants. 30/09/2013 by A.Oscar

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