7 King In the Sky: MiG 31BM

King In the Sky: MiG 31BM

Posted on September 27, 2013 by team

A set of pictures of new MiG-31BM aircrafts from the airfield in Kansk, Krasnoyarsk region.


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7 Responses to “King In the Sky: MiG 31BM”

  1. fatty says:

    Wow, new versions of the MiG 31? In 2013?

  2. tadas says:

    Any ideas why most of Russian military jets have green wheels?

  3. George Johnson says:

    Stefan Ohoho Dobric, the SR-71 didn’t need fancy electronics because nothing could get near it. It wasn’t a fighter. So it’s kinda comparing apples to oranges.

  4. tony says:

    This overweight baby needs new rubber for the road. This is old tech and no danger to any Western front-line fighter of today. Sorry. It does look impressive, but no cigar.

  5. j pigden says:

    The MIG31 was created to counter the SR71. The cold war is gone, the SR71 is gone but the MIG31 carries on; WHY? What job could they find for this beast?

  6. MCraig says:

    Beautiful plane, beautiful pictures. Maybe Canada should consider some of these!

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