11 Transformation of Peugeot 406

Transformation of Peugeot 406

Posted on September 20, 2013 by team

Just see how an old Peugeot 406 can be transformed!


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11 Responses to “Transformation of Peugeot 406”

  1. Hawk says:

    A crappy french car does not get any better by making it a french-russian hybrid that claims to be an italian! Greetings from Germany :)

  2. Orb says:

    What no pics of the brakes, suspension systems or engine etc… Hmmmm

  3. plopi says:

    Peugeot 406 and Ferraris are designed by the same man (Pininfarina). So it makes sense.

  4. Steamed McQueen says:

    More like a ‘Fauxrari’. Good job though!

  5. Yojimbo says:

    Beautiful sacrilege!

  6. Osip says:

    Such talent deserves better working conditions.

  7. javox says:

    yup that 406 was a special edition designed by pininfarina that also designed the epic renault torino in argentina, great car, he designed many ferrari`s models, so is ok what they did i guess =)

  8. Lech says:

    Jaki kraj takie Ferrari…

  9. Jean says:

    The Daughters and Sons of Jafet are extremely gifted people who live a normal life. They are UNIQUE.

  10. skou says:

    the destruction of a beautifull car

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