2 Shooting Planes From the Ramp of An 12

Shooting Planes From the Ramp of An 12

Posted on September 17, 2013 by team

Some pictures how two planes (Yak-130 and modernized Su-30SM) were photographed from the ramp of An-12 aircraft.

Multipurpose super maneuverable fighter Su-30SM.

The plane is so close that the photographers could meet the eyes of the pilots.

It was being shot for eight minutes.

This is a military transport aircraft An-12. The ramp is outlined with red.

Anyone who wants to shoot planes from a ramp of a transport aircraft should undergo a medical flight-expert commission and have a life policy.

Nobody is allowed to stand purposelessly at the open ramp. That net tightened around the perimeter, special equipment and belts are to protect photographers as well as the insurance screwed into the floor.

The camera is fixed with straps like this. It does not look too safe but it really is.

They need warm clothes because it is rather cold at the height of 100-1500m.

The ramp is opening and Yak-130 is approaching.

The height is 1000-1500 meters, the nearest distance of Yak-130 to the ramp is 25 m.

Yak-130 was being shot for twenty two minutes.

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