0 People of Baikal

People of Baikal

Posted on September 13, 2013 by team

We are in an ordinary Buryat village to see how people live their, what clothes they wear, what traditions they keep.

Buryat yurts used to be made from felt, today they are made from wood.

This is how they meet guests.

The guests are offered to smell local fragnances.

Then everyone should try local milk.

The hostess explains what “sarge” is. It’s the symbol of the tree that unites three worlds. “Sarge” are placed not only at places of power but in every yard. It is a sacred thing and is never to be destroyed.

Inside the yurt – their classics is to locate female stuff to the left, male one to the right, in between is a fire.

Two-sided trousers for winter hunting.

They have a lot of interesting and bizarre stuff.

Mom of the hostess.

She has much to tell about, many riddles to propose.

The kids know many songs and don’t mind to sing them for the guests.


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