0 Siberian Craftsman Makes Animal Figures From Cedar Chips

Siberian Craftsman Makes Animal Figures From Cedar Chips

Posted on September 12, 2013 by team


Very talented craftsman Sergey Bobkov from the Krasnoyarsk region started to make animal figures from cedar chips five years ago. His first bird was a success so he continued to work with this plastic, textured, durable material which can additinally have many tones.


It takes a lot of time to make such a masterpiece. The master spends 12-14 hours in his workshop daily and made only 11 figures for five years. For example to make a family of three marmots he spent 1,5 years and 210 000 tiny pieces of cedar.


However he also makes small figures and souvenirs too: wood grouses, owls, butterflies, flowers etc. Most of them are exhibited in museums.


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