5 Russians Secretely Climbed On Top of European Most Popular Landmarks

Russians Secretely Climbed On Top of European Most Popular Landmarks

Posted on September 11, 2013 by team

A group of Russian bloggers traveled to Europe from Sweden to Portugal and visited many sights starting from the Cologne Cathedral to the Sagrada Familia and the Notre Dame de Paris.

The great masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi – the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, one of the most unusual structures in the world. But we are not going to observe it as ordinary tourists, of course, because our bloggers came there to climb on top of the masterpiece.

It’s hard to convey how beautiful and spacious it is from inside. This place is already enough to come back to Barcelona one more time.

One of the eight towers of the Cathedral.

The Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous long-term constructions. It has been built since 1882 and up to now, and it’s going to be finished before 2026. By the decision of the initiators of the project it has been fully financed by parishioners which is the main reason why the construction lasts so long.

The bloggers got onto one of the crane arms with height of more than 170 meters. The impossible turned out to be possible for them.

From this crane all the city can be observed. The wind swings the crane and turn it for 90 degrees!

The crane turned out to be closed with grating in the middle and had a protective grid along its perimeter. So the guys needed God’s help itself to climb round that protection aside the crane. You can see it on the picture above.

They felt giddy being there.

Reading Twitter sitting on the crane of the Sagrada Familia.


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    Excellent travel post!

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    you guy’s are dam good.

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    Faith Gorodki…

    Grow up!

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    Don’t be so selfish – and exercise a bit more, so clicking on more than a couple of links in one day does not exhaust you.

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