10 Do Not Marry Girls From Chelyabinsk!

Do Not Marry Girls From Chelyabinsk!

Posted on September 11, 2013 by team


The couple were arguing right in the street and the man was rather rude, he didn’t pay much attention to the girls passing by. One of them turned out to be a world champion in Olympic taekwondo…

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10 Responses to “Do Not Marry Girls From Chelyabinsk!”

  1. viewer says:

    marry this girl. she’s efficient, tough and self confident.
    don’t marry this guy. he beats women.

  2. jim x says:

    Totally fake. Come on. He started falling even before that fake kick would have hit him.

  3. scooter pi says:

    Is the camera o a tripod?
    Has set-up written all over it.

  4. cockatrice says:

    Good aim. That blow direct to the unprotected throat doesn’t have to be very hard to drop a bully. You’re told to keep your chin down for a reason. I watched a straight knuckle thrust drop a 280 lb gorilla type and leave him totally at the mercy of somebody about her size. It’s the quickest table turning you’ll ever witness.

  5. orte says:

    Fake. The guy has already started falling before the kick reached his body.

  6. dolores says:

    Looks set up.

  7. Blobbi says:

    It is a dashcam. The person filming was sitting in the car, with turn signal on. The “microphone boom” was the opening of the car door. Probably wanted to intervene. The two girls coming to the rescue are way younger if you notice. And the kick went as an upper kick to the stomach. Ask a boxer what a hit there can do, if your muscles are not all tensed up.
    As to the situation as a whole. This macho behavior went too far. If he was drunk and not in a public place, imagine what he would do, if she did not want to do what he wants. Those are the guys who beat their own wives.

  8. zipp says:

    They could do with some acting lessons :-)

  9. qwerty says:

    Fake. It was an “advertisment” for taekwondo tournament that took place in Chelyabinsk two days after this “event”. Both “aggressor” and “victim” are actors and they are married, you can find their profiles on vk.com, search for Petr Oliker and Marina Oliker. The guy even has this video posted on his account with the date that looks to preceed those from liveleak or youtube versions.

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