3 Car Travel In Kamchatka

Car Travel In Kamchatka

Posted on September 10, 2013 by team

What is Kamchatka mainly associated with? With salmon and bear? With geysers? Right. But it is also clouds of dust on the roads! Its roads are incredibly dusty.

Inside this post are the pictures taken during the journey to the hot springs called Opalinskiye in Kamchatka.


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3 Responses to “Car Travel In Kamchatka”

  1. MArco says:

    Sep 01, 1983 Korean Airlines flight shot down by Soviet Union in the sky of Kamchatka

  2. Hugh Crawford says:

    Nope, sorry, trying hard and failing miserably.

    Can’t see any connection or reason to post an item about a Korean aircraft crash and a drive through Kamchatka to visit hot springs.

    It’s not even the same date.


    I’ve got it!!!

    A little trouble-making troll :-))

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