5 Monk Lives In the Church On Top of the Mountain

Monk Lives In the Church On Top of the Mountain

Posted on September 8, 2013 by team

A Georgian monk Maxim has been living on a 40 meters high limestone monolith in Imeretia for twenty years. Katshiysky Pillar has been worshipped by locals since pre-Christian times as a place where a human being can become closer to God. The church on the mountain was built between the VI and VIII centuries. It was found out in 1944 when only the foundation remained from all the structure.

The silence prevailing here lets you feel God.

The new church was built here mainly thanks to monk Maxim that is why it was named after Maximus the Confessor. Maxim is spending day after day, year after year in the silence of this place. It takes him twenty minutes to come down from the Pillar and even longer to go upstairs.


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5 Responses to “Monk Lives In the Church On Top of the Mountain”

  1. MArco says:

    I wonder how the monk brings the water into his house. If he use a turbo water pump, I think it will be very expensive costs.

  2. ebrown says:

    I want to know how he uses toilet. Does he shit on the heads of people below? Or did he drill a septic tank in the rock to accumulate his crap.

  3. Josh Jeeves says:

    Being a monk sounds cool.

    People will build you a home on top of a rock in the middle of exotic and beautiful valley full of wineries, supply food, water, power and basically all you need for free, just because you’re such a cool pillar monk.

    So you just sit there and stare at the stars and do basically nothing and enjoy yourself.

    And you have wireless internet, I suppose.


    I think of becoming a monk too.

  4. wells sux says:

    I was a shanghai monk before I gave in to sin and became a lesbian.

  5. Ryan says:

    What is in that cool box at the end of the passageway?? It almost looks like a coffin.

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