1 The Neverending Beach

The Neverending Beach

Posted on September 7, 2013 by team

There is a coastline of seas and oceans in Russia that stretches for five thousand miles. It’s peculiar because this beach lies along the Arctic Ocean and only polar bears have a chance to regularly enjoy it. Nevertheless in summer it looks quite as a resort – you may walk along this beach and will never end… (if no bear eats you).

The temperature of the Kara Sea water is close to 0C, the hills you see there are actually tundra, the minarets are towers of radar stations, instead of camels are bears and deer… But this severe region is very beautiful anyway and probably many people would prefer it to hot south.

The temperature of the sea water in winter is below zero. But in clear weather it looks much similar to warm seas.

These black shales are soft and warm and pleasant to touch – they resemble the skin of some animal.


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  1. A.Oscar says:

    The World is so beautiful on his way: which make me not understand why not be preserved, at the same time Leaders of many countries are so dam by having hate thoughts, and love wars. If humans could understand better would be peace: and the most wealth people could travel into places never seems before, just to develop into prospered love affairs between Nature and wild living. Tourism could be for many: another trade for financial business into places that not many people have been there. I wish we could stop USA by being a warmonger: and stop once and for all, any organizations such NATO or ONU and Russia joined Europe by help and be helped into general business like agriculture.

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