3 MAKS 2013 Observed From Above

MAKS 2013 Observed From Above

Posted on September 5, 2013 by team

You have already been shown plenty of pictures from MAKS 2013 air show in the Moscow region, so this time we are going to observe it from the height of a helicopter flight.

In the very end of exposition – an amphibian aircraft Be-200.

Be-200 and Tu-144.

Airship AU-30 and ground equipment – non-flying “MAKS”.



Next to it is a little Serbian Lasta – 95.




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3 Responses to “MAKS 2013 Observed From Above”

  1. Nikoliy says:

    ROFL Mi-8AMTSH – the police helicopter. A police helo with six rocket pod hard points?… Its a combat version of the latest version of the Mi8amt, has the same weapon load as Mi-24.

  2. Lata says:

    Nice photographs. The planes are so beautiful.

  3. reimon says:

    Concorde he say! OMG! is this guy russian? LOL LOL

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