1 Buddhist Mecca of Baikal

Buddhist Mecca of Baikal

Posted on September 3, 2013 by team

Right now we are going to Buryatia to visit Arshan – the resort in the mountains of the East Sayan.

Shamanism is traditional for Buryatia, such ribbons on trees can be seen very often there. Each place has its own spirit-protector. So they tie ribbons to trees or make stone piles to placate spirits.

Kultuk village (“kultuk” is translated from the Turkic language as “the dead end”). There was a burg here in 1647.

Smoking fish for sale.

Smoked Baikal omul.

The sacred place for local buddhists – the stupa.

Stupa for buddhists is the powerful place concentrating all the good.

The river with a complicated name – Kyngarga (translated as “drum”).

Stone piles called “oboo”.


It’s not litter but sacrifices – cigarettes, sweets, coins…

One can cross this river by a bungee jump

The first waterfall of Arshan.

Someone left that statue of a bear.

“I want to have your son! And daughter! I love you so much!”

One of mineral springs.

By the way those ribbons on trees are a serious problem for Buryatia – many trees die because of them – they prevent branches from normal growing.

People stand for half an hour in the line to get some of this water.

More oboo.

The statue of the child who pours water is often decorated too.


One of Buryat altars.

Inside the altar is a pre-Buddhist deity, one of the main kind spirits.

It’s how people worship him.

Asian pavilion.

Buryat Datsan built in 1917.

Hurde – the praying drum. Mantras are written along the circle – turning the drum is equal to reading mantras.

Stupas of the datsan.


This Russian pot is used for placing incenses for ceremonies.

The wheel of dharma – one of the buddhist symbols.

The structure with buddhist flags. On each flag a mantra is written. When they swing in the wind it’s also equal to reading mantras.

Another datsan.

Praying drums – hurde.

It’s even strange to see such architecture among birch trees.

By they way it’s actually forbidden to photograp there…

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  1. udiya says:

    Here in sri lanka the traditions are different. but very interesting and different bhuddist tradition in russia

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