1 Buddhist Mecca of Baikal

Buddhist Mecca of Baikal

Posted on September 3, 2013 by team

Right now we are going to Buryatia to visit Arshan – the resort in the mountains of the East Sayan.

Shamanism is traditional for Buryatia, such ribbons on trees can be seen very often there. Each place has its own spirit-protector. So they tie ribbons to trees or make stone piles to placate spirits.

Kultuk village (“kultuk” is translated from the Turkic language as “the dead end”). There was a burg here in 1647.

Smoking fish for sale.

Smoked Baikal omul.

The sacred place for local buddhists – the stupa.

Stupa for buddhists is the powerful place concentrating all the good.

The river with a complicated name – Kyngarga (translated as “drum”).

Stone piles called “oboo”.


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  1. udiya says:

    Here in sri lanka the traditions are different. but very interesting and different bhuddist tradition in russia

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