3 Oil In the River? How to Check?

Oil In the River? How to Check?

This river was reported to contain oil and one of the journalists decided not to waste
time and check herself if it was true or not. See in the video how she did it.
15 Fascism TV?

Fascism TV?

Just a small part of the speech of one Russian anchorman at the state
TV channels and his opinion about propoganda of homosexualism.

11 The Sailing Laboratory Named After Gagarin

The Sailing Laboratory Named After Gagarin

"Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin" is a research ship, flagship of the space research service of the USSR. It was built in Leningrad in 1971. The length of the eleven-decked ship was 231,6 m, width - 32 m, power of the main engine - 14 000 KW, speed - eighteen knots, displacement - 45000 tons. The crew consisted of136 persons, expedition crew - 212 persons. There were 1250 premises aboard including 86 laboratories. The ship was
intended to perform tasks related to control and communication with satellite vehicles and the Mission Control Centre through the satellite vehicle "Molniya" ("Lightning"). The ship had 75 antennas including two antennas with parabolic reflectors with diameter of 25 meters. It could be in autonomous sailing for 130 days. "Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin" was functioning in the Atlantic Ocean.
1 Physical Culture In the USSR

Physical Culture In the USSR

August 10th is a day of physical culturist and we don't want to miss this event this year. It's been celebrated since 1930s, since the time when much more attention was paid to sport and lessons of physical culture. Sportsmen used to be among the most famous
people in the country and no holiday demonstation was held without gymnasts, football players and others from the world of sport. These bright achievements not only motivated schoolchildren and students but often scared them as well.
1 Soviet Pioneers

Soviet Pioneers

In summer practically all pioneers of the Soviet Union used to go to pioneer camps. They were pretty much different from contemporary children's summer camps. In fact they rsembled something in between
juvenile correctional facilities and militarized schools of life for pampered urban children aged from seven to fifteen which had to become stern fighters for bright future and communism.
0 Boring Day At Work

Boring Day At Work

Another proof that
sewage is always fun!
6 Soviet Schoolchildren 1968

Soviet Schoolchildren 1968

Pictures from the school graduation photo album dated 1968.
Do you also keep memories about your school years?
1 The Commercial To Cause an International Scandal

The Commercial To Cause an International Scandal

The new Russian commercial of toiler bowl cleaner "Bref" is going to become a reason of an
international scandal! Why? Because they placed the flag of Ukraine right under the toilet rim...
1 Instrument Rock Or Ideal Job For a Soviet Scientist

Instrument Rock Or Ideal Job For a Soviet Scientist

In Katsiveli, Crimea, Ukriane, there is another interesting abandoned object - an instrument rock in the sea not far from the shore that had built-in devices for observation of the Black Sea and atmospheric conditions. It was created in the 30s. And it was probably quite a pleasure to work at the place like that - to come down every morning from the laboratory building to the seashore
along the beautiful green park, see a new day being born, take readings of the rock devices, swim a bit in the cool sea water and go back to process the readings... But it might be like this in the far Soviet years. There are no more devices, no researches, no bridge to the rock (it was broken by storms long ago). In fact the whole territory is decaying today.

3 Underground Lviv

Underground Lviv

Those tourists who come to Lviv, Ukraine, are often offered to have an exersion to the city underground, but in fact they are always fake - for twenty hryvnias you come down to a basement of some house and listen to stories about some terrible tortures and
executions. This time you can have a look at the real underground of Lviv - the biggest underground river in Ukraine - the Poltva. One more place we are going to visit - an abandoned bunker, former secret object "Loschina" ("Hollow").

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