0 Flying Over Chernobyl

Flying Over Chernobyl

We have published a lot of posts about Chernobyl and Pripyat but never saw the exclusion zone from the height. How do they look from the height of ten
thousand meters? The city where life stopped in the 80s is slowly getting swallowed by the woods today. Join us and fly over the zone right now.

5 Old Station of Radio Communication

Old Station of Radio Communication

The network of tropospheric radio communication "North" was stretching for fourteen thousand kilometres, 100-400 km between the stations. The network was highly
efficient and important for under-populated areas of the country. We're going to show you one of the stations of the system "North" which is called "Strip".
2 This is Russia, Adele

This is Russia, Adele

Hold your breath away! Russian army choir sings now James
Bond "Skyfall" main theme! This is Russia, Adele!
13 Black And White: Unusual Couple

Black And White: Unusual Couple

Audrey Indombe from Congo and Anatoliy nicknamed "Troublemaker" found each other in the Internet. Their feelings became so deep that Audrey gave up her career of an actress and came to Chelyabinsk. Anatoliy saw a picture of Audrey in Facebook and could not resist from writing to her. They were communicating for two months being
thousands of kilometers away from each other. Then Anatoliy invited Audrey to his native city and sent her money for a trip. His friends were laughing at him - they were sure Audrey was one of many fraudsters who just wanted to get some money. But Anatoliy felt she would not betray him. And she did not.

7 Chernobyl: Undead City

Chernobyl: Undead City

Chernobyl should not be confused with a dead city Prupyat. It has a long and nice history being one of the oldest cities of Rus'. It was first mentioned back in 1193. By the beginning of the XXth century it had population of seventeen thousand people. The city was named "Chernobyl" after a plant growing there - mugwort which is pronounced in Russian like "chernobylnik". The first impression of
the city - it's not dead! Its streets are cleaned, lawns - cut, five-storey houses have no "eye-sockets" of empty windows. Even buses go from Kiev to its bus station (you should have a permit to use them though). The city still has some functioning shops with a range of goods like in a village, it has all community facilities, a hotel, a canteen and much more.
3 Deer In the Truck

Deer In the Truck

When the antlers of the deer broke the traffic lights the guys driving back decided to shoot what would happen next. To their delight they saw the bridge in front of themselves
soon. It was another challenge for the deer... They could probably catch up with the driver of the truck and warn him instead of laughing, what do you think?
4 Russian Village Life In 1910

Russian Village Life In 1910

Another retrospective journey into the history - rare and
interesting pictures of Arkhangelsk province, Russia, dated 1910.
2 Landing Ship Scares People Resting On the Beach

Landing Ship Scares People Resting On the Beach

Citizens of Kaliningrad became witnesses of the landing ship "Zubr" ("Bison") crew training not far from the city beach.
The ship was performing a tactical task right at the zone where people were resting. It did not look safe at all.
4 The Ropeway City

The Ropeway City

(Amos Chapple | Rex Features). The Georgian city of miners Chiatura is surrounded by cliffs and is located 220 km from Tbilisi. Its districts are connected with the central part of th city with ropeways built back in the Soviet times. In the beginning of the twenties of the XXth century when Georgia became a part of the
USSR, the Soviet authorities decided to extract manganese from deposits located on the Georgian territory. This is how Chiatura appeared - a new city rose in 1921 at the place of the manganese deposit. The ropeways were started to be built in the 1950s, they still connect each part of the city.
3 Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: The Way It Is Today

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone: The Way It Is Today

Ukraine is one of the most "nuclear" countries of the world: it has four Soviet nuclear power plants. Chernobyl NPP was the first one, it was built in 1970-77, in 1986 it was the largest together with the Leningrad NPP.
Why did the tragedy happen? As they say it was "a rare combination of a technical and a human factor". Chernobyl NPP is huge - its length is about 3,5 km long, it employed some thousands of people.

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