0 Big Russian River

Big Russian River

The Yenisei (the word means "the great river") is a river in Siberia, one of the greatest rivers in Russia which flows into the Kara Sea of the Arctic Ocean. It
provides supply, transportation and many other things for more than a million people. Look how the river changes throughout the year and how locals live.
7 Exclusive Car For Three Million Bucks

Exclusive Car For Three Million Bucks

This is an exclusive car covered with leather of Canadian bison. Its
price is three million dollars, by the way. Would you buy it?
2 Home, Sweet Home

Home, Sweet Home

Do you feel safe in the house you live in? What about
this one? Would you like to live in a house like this?
16 A Nice City

A Nice City

This city has changed in a matter of several years. In fact no pictures, no videos, no words convey the atmosphere of Norilsk. One needs to be
there to feel it. The picture becomes full only at the symbiosis of light, colors, landscape, people's eyes and many other things...
1 Mountains of a Snow Leopard

Mountains of a Snow Leopard

Sayan Canyon of the Yenisei river is the place full of slopes and steppe areas, it's not easy to move there. The safest way leading there
is by ship over the reservoir which takes two days. These slopes, not so hospitable for people, are a home for a snow leopard.
8 Abandoned Summer Camps

Abandoned Summer Camps

We are going to have a tour to the abandoned summer camps on the bank of the Desna river. Children's laughing used to be heard there and the
camps were full of kids, today it's the place of complete devastation and the only sound one can hear there is the sound of the wind.

1 International Maritime Defence Show: Helicopters

International Maritime Defence Show: Helicopters

Pictures of the three helicopters
presented at IMSD-2013 in
3 Life In the Exclusion Zone

Life In the Exclusion Zone

Chernobyl and Pripyat are not the only inhabited places that suffered from the Chernobyl catastrophe, of course. It affected 230 settlements in the Kiev and Zhitomir regions and approximately the same number of settlements in Belarus. The contaminated villages on the Belorussian side were mostly buried while the Ukrainian ones are still getting slowly overgrown and captured by the nature.  However
some houses are taken care of - their windows are regularly painted, gardens nearby are well-kept. Yes, some people do come back to the exclusion zone - mainly elderly ones who remember the war days, it's very important for them - to live on the native land. They amounted to a bit more than a thousand, less than 200 remained. One old couple even lives in the 10 km zone.

5 Residential Units For Internal Forces

Residential Units For Internal Forces

We are in the Primorye region of Russia to see new residential units of Russian internal forces there. They refused to stay in tents and replaced them with modular barracks. One barrack may accomodate
up to 50 people. It is provided with electric heating, a canteen and an ammunition storage facility. In Russia only one training range under Khabarovsk can boast facilities like this.
6 Tu 95 In the Sky

Tu 95 In the Sky

Just a photo story of one
flight: Tu-95 in the sky.

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