4 Martian Doom in Russian Village

Martian Doom in Russian Village

Martian doom (or Doomian Mars?) has came to Russian village. How comes? On the picture above is a fragment from the
movie "Doom", the Martian base, 2145. Below is the picture from a private house in a village of Ukraine, 2011.
0 The Largest Hydro Power Plant of the Russian Far East

The Largest Hydro Power Plant of the Russian Far East

The Amur region of Russia is suffering a heavy flooding now. Many houses have been evacuated. There are two hydro power plants functioning in the region - Bureya and Zeya ones. This
photo report is about the first one. Bureya hydro power plant is the largest in the Russian Far East and one of the ten most powerful hydro power plants in Russia.
5 Aerography: How It Is Made

Aerography: How It Is Made

Here is a photo story of how a
picture is applied to a car.
5 Unusual Ball Levitation

Unusual Ball Levitation

An ordinary worker of a big appliance store invented an "innovative"
way of levitation. He made an inflatable ball fly over a fan...
0 Air Show MAKS 2013

Air Show MAKS 2013

One of the most inetersting air shows held in Russia has just begun. Are you ready to
see many cool pictures of aircrafts these days? This is just the beginning...

0 Anti Submarine Camomile

Anti Submarine Camomile

We know that shipboard weapons are used ashore sometimes. Artillery is the most widespread example. When WWII was over shipboard and coastal artillery was replaced by missiles. Thus in the end of the 50s the USSR built a marine rocket assisted bomb launcher to fight against submarines and missiles of an enemy. It was named RBU-6000 "Smerch-2" ("Tornado") and represented a twelve-barrels system rotating in two planes with an automatic shell feeding. Since early 60s it was mounted on
various ships including anti-submarine cruisers. At the same time they made two more systems in a coastal modification to protect submarines of the Northern Fleet. The area of Ara-Guba and Ura-Guba bays were strengthened by four units of coastal self-propelled rocket-assisted bomb launchers DP-62 "Damba". "Smerch" and "Damba" had been standing guard there for many years until 1995 when the garrison was disbanded and the positions were left by people.
5 Driving Onto the Open Sewer Manhole

Driving Onto the Open Sewer Manhole

What will happen if you drive onto an open sewer
manhole? Hardly you would expect anything good...

0 Old Romantic House

Old Romantic House

You are going to see the pictures of a well-preserved but abandoned house in the Tver
region, Russia. It was built in the period of late eclecticism in a romantic style.

3 Mi 12: Real Giant of Helicopter Engineering

Mi 12: Real Giant of Helicopter Engineering

Soviet Union always loved everything big. So the decision to make the biggest helicopter with the largest carrying capacity was quite natural for the country. Development of the V-12
project began in 1963, the serial Mi-6 helicopter became the basis for the new huge vehicle. To simplify the task the engineers just decided to double propelling plants.

0 Russian Vintage Antique Trains From Inside

Russian Vintage Antique Trains From Inside

Inside this post you may see how Russian trains
used to look from inside many years ago.

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