3 Russian Believers

Russian Believers

Pictures dated early 1900s taken by Maxim
Dmitriev portray life of religious Russian
1 Railway In the Permafrost Zone

Railway In the Permafrost Zone

Bovanenkovskaya railway is fully located in the permafrost zone, it belongs to a large Russian company and stretches from the oil/gas condensate
field. In the severe northern conditions it provides functioning of the field camp. Let's plunge into winter in the middle of hot summer!

0 What Is Hidden By Old Bore Pit

What Is Hidden By Old Bore Pit

You never know what old bore pits may hide underground.
To find it out you should dare to come down...

1 Hot Show

Hot Show

Pictures from another air show with participation of Russian aircrafts (Su-22, MiG-21, MiG-24, Li-2, "Russkiye Vityazy" (Russian Knights))
that was held just recently. The vehicles were rising in the air at the temperature of 37C but it didn't scare spectators away.

6 Airborne Forces Show

Airborne Forces Show

Some pictures of the show arranged by a separate signal
regiment of Russian airborne forces in Moscow.

1 Dead Sea of Pamir

Dead Sea of Pamir

This place has no trees and flowers, only stones, sand, wind and severe frost when long winter comes. It has no oil and gas, only rare plants for not so numerous sheep and yaks kept by people who live here in white box-houses no matter what. It's Eastern Pamir, its lowest areas are higher than 3600 meters
above sea level. Even the huge lake Karakul is useless for people, because it is dead, salty and lifeless. Locals say that its water is so dense that ordinary boats cannot be used for sailing along the lake - they simply turn upside down. So they use special rafts loaded with lead plates.
19 Blood of Bloodhound Gang

Blood of Bloodhound Gang

What you see in the image above is a musician from the famous band Bloodhound Gang. What he is going to do next is to shove the flag of Russia into his pants during the show the band had in Ukraine
a few days ago. What you see below is a few punches and kicks made by some Russian activists. Who did they kick and punch? The same guy who holds the flag on the photo above.

6 The Cemetery of Armoured Vehicles

The Cemetery of Armoured Vehicles

We've been to this place once, but it's nice to be here again. The territory is
becoming more and more marshy, who knows what we will see there next year.

1 Born In the USSR

Born In the USSR

Now we are going to the aircraft parking area of the Troitsk Technical School of
Civil Aviation to see what vehicles are kept there and in what condition.
13 Training Exercises of Russian Tankmen

Training Exercises of Russian Tankmen

Tanks always seem to be threatening and ... beautiful. But have you ever seen training
exercises of tankmen? These guys should always be ready for a front attack and it's not easy...

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