2 Churches On the Marshes

Churches On the Marshes

We are at Holy Trininty Rekonskaya Hermitage which is situated between the Novgorod and Leningrad regions of Russia. This trip is not for
everyone because there are no normal roads leading to the place. So only those go there who want to visit the place badly.
1 Stange Soviet Scientific Object Or the Kingdom of Mirrors

Stange Soviet Scientific Object Or the Kingdom of Mirrors

How can you be sure if the probe you are about to send to the Mars won't burn out? Where can you check this? Or how can you make a "sun knife" that is able to cut any materials and even evaporate metals? Or how can you
generate the temperature of 4 000 C from sunlight? All this - just by means of a sunbeam! Answers to these questions can be obtained at the place few know about. You are invited to visit this place right now.

0 Ukrainian City From Above

Ukrainian City From Above

Right now you can fly over the city of Ukraine - Zaporozhye and its outskirts
and observe its beautiful and not so beautiful sides from the height.

13 Morning Prayer of the Muslims In Moscow

Morning Prayer of the Muslims In Moscow

As it happens every summer Moscow also celebrates Eid ul Adha (Kurban Bayram) - one of the main Islamic holidays. Dozens of thousands of Muslims came to the
mosque for a morning prayer. They have been doing it for many years twice a year but every time it becomes shocking for some people in the city.
2 180 Meters High Radio Mast Falling

180 Meters High Radio Mast Falling

We have repeteadly shown you high masts of the past years. This time we
gonna show you one of them falling. Its height is 180 meters.
1 Soviet Storm Factory

Soviet Storm Factory

Did you know that there were places where they created "storm in a teacup"? Almost literally. The structure was actually called a storm pool but it didn't resemble a pool at all. It sooner resembled that very teacup. Or a glass. Water was collected inside
between the glass walls and in the upper part of the structure there were fans that created storm. Inside the "teapot" was a small tower. Such a water collider that was considered to be strange and unneeded structure by many people...

4 Life in Lithuania of 1970

Life in Lithuania of 1970

We cannot say for sure if this collection fully consists of Lithuanian shots (some pictures seem to be from Estonia or other countries). But
nevertheless it's quite interesting to look at these old amateur shots (still mainly from Lithuania) portraying life and people of the year 1970.
13 The Georgian Abkhazian Conflict: 5 Years After

The Georgian Abkhazian Conflict: 5 Years After

Five years ago, in the end of April, an unmanned spy plane illegally flew from the territory of Georgia and was shot down over Abkhazia. That incident caused a serious international scandal. Georgia
claimed it was Russian air forces that destroyed the plane and required investigation of the incident in the UNSC. But the latter did not arrive at a consensus about the situation in Abkhazia.

1 Communication Station Called Dragon

Communication Station Called Dragon

There is an interesting place in Magadan, Russia, which continuously attracts bored youngsters. Enourmously huge red-white mattresses standing on top
of the hill. They appeared in the end of the 60s to become a part of the complex of tropospheric radio-relay communication called "North".
2 Ukrainian City of the Past

Ukrainian City of the Past

A selection of pictures from Bakhchisaraj,a city in
Central Crimea, Ukraine, all dated 1920-30s.

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