5 Unusual Ball Levitation

Unusual Ball Levitation

Posted on August 28, 2013 by team


An ordinary worker of a big appliance store invented an “innovative” way of levitation. He made an inflatable ball fly over a fan…

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5 responses to “Unusual Ball Levitation”

  1. ahun says:

    ..this is in Poland!?

  2. Pedro says:

    It is in Poland not Russia…

  3. wet says:

    I think that this stupendous achievement has already been done. Daniel Bernoulli (8 February 1700 – 17 March 1782)

  4. marian says:

    #Xylofoniusz: correct, it’s a polish market.
    BTW, this is know to physics and it has its name, but I forgot how it’s called;)

  5. Faith Gorodki says:

    Everybody calm down, we have a Nobel prize winner here.

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